Fried Chicken & Kurt's Kickin' BBQ Sauce

Ingredients: 2 lbs chicken tenders1 ½ cups Marilyn’s Multi-Purpose Baking Mix2 tbsp of Home Appétit Sage and Garlic Poultry Blend2 eggs2 tbsp of unsweetened almond milk3 cups of Home Appétit Extra Virgin Canola Oil Sauces for DippingHoney Mustard and Kickin’ Ketchup BBQ Sauce (see recipe below) Directions: Put oil in skillet on stove and turn…

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Sausage Balls

Ingredients: 2 lbs sausage (I like to do 1 lb of spicy and 1 lb of mild)2 cups Marilyn’s Multi-Purpose Baking Mix16 oz sharp cheddar cheese or Velveeta (optional)1 ½ tbsp of Home Appétit Mediterranean Rosemary & Citrus Spice Blend Sauce for DippingYellow or brown spicy mustard Directions: Preheat oven to 375° before mixing all…

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